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Shaldon Primary School – Tree Trail

November 16, 2016

Year six have been doing some research on the trees in the gardens to help Teignbridge District Council create a tree trail, information leaflets and boards for the gardens.
For more information see the article on the School’s website here.


Many Hands Make Light Work

June 17, 2016

In spite of a dire weather forecast Shaldon School decided to go for it. Armed with macs 28 Year 6 pupils made their way to the Italian Garden area of Homeyard’s Botanical Gardens. There they split in three groups. Along with a few supportive adults, teams worked on the walls of the upper walkway either side of the Gardeners Hut. They pulled and cut back weeds to reveal the stone retaining walls and then raked and swept their cuttings into wheelbarrows. These were dispatched down to the compost heaps where a third team received and layered up the greenery into heaps ready to rot down. Meanwhile others in this team dug out compost that had already been made into bags ready for distribution to the Garden’s plants. A really good mornings work.

After lunch the students returned for a quick tour of the Gardens to check on the Castle restoration and to see how the hawthorn trees they’d planted in November were progressing. They then set about tackling the stairs and lawn area of the Italian Garden and by the time they’d finished the whole area was transformed. An hour later the heavens opened!