Welcome to the blog of the Friends of Homeyards Botanical Gardens in Shaldon

April 26, 2009

The committee of the Friends hopes to use the Blog to communicate with members of the Friends and others interested in the Gardens or in Shaldon generally.homeyards

The Blog will include information about Homeyards, our plans for development of the gardens, and the progress we are making.  It will also pass on details of events and opportunities for you to get involved.

Communication is a two way street, and we hope that you will take advantage of the comments facility included  with each post to let us know your thoughts, views and opinions about what we are doing, and of course any ideas of your own for the gardens.


Quiz Answers

September 12, 2017

To see the answers to our quiz click on the small picture below :-

Castle Re-opening Ceremony

September 8, 2017

Everyone is welcome at the Castle Re-opening Ceremony on Friday 15th September at 2 pm. There will be a drama re-enactment by Shaldon School followed by a cream tea. Dress with a nod to the 1920s.

Clearing the Pond Path

August 10, 2017

A few pictures of the Tuesday morning volunteers clearing the Pond Path – the continuation of the rhododendron bed running from the pond up towards new car park.

Photography Workshop on Friday 30th June

June 26, 2017

Clearing the Rope Walk Steps

June 26, 2017

Our gardener and his young assistant are taking in hand the Rope Walk, the pathway that rises from Broadlands up besides the allotments to the gardens. Gary and Charlie would be most grateful for donations of shrubs and plants for this area. We are assured that re-alignment of the very wonky steps at the top is on Teignbridge’s list of works.

Grand Opening Ceremony update

May 1, 2017

In compliance with the rules associated with our Heritage Lottery Grant a fixed sum of money has been set aside to provide a substantial public event to mark the completion of work on the Castle – a grand opening ceremony.

Planned for June 30th 2017 the event was to involve all manner of village groups in a series of events lasting all day and on into the evening.

Although the works are nominally complete, architects and builders are still in negotiation concerning problems with water ingress. Until the damp problems are sorted out Teignbridge will not be signing it off and so the opening ceremony will not now be happening at mid-summer. We are now working towards having the ceremony later in the year, Friday 15th September has been provisionally booked.

William Sears Memorial Bench

April 21, 2017

William Sears oversaw the building and garden works in the 1930s from his office which is now the Gardener’s Hut above the Italian Garden. There was once a memorial bench dedicated to him, but all that remained of it was a number of broken pieces scattered round the gardens. These broken pieces have been carefully incorporated by a skilled stone mason to recreate the bench. William Sears’s granddaughter Edwina has been along to admire the result.

Easter Fun in the Gardens

April 6, 2017

Springtime views

April 6, 2017

New Prunus Yedoensis above the Italian Garden

View down the Ropewalk path, looking all clean and tidy

Newly cleared rockery in the Italian Garden

View down the Rill Garden

New Trees

March 24, 2017

To improve views from the H bench on the top path a couple of larch trees have recently been felled along with a holly that was growing sideways into one of our star weeping beech trees. The cotoneaster near the Castle that’s suddenly died has been taken out too. So 4 trees out … but we’ve planted 4 new exciting specimen trees :- a replacement Cotoneaster, a new White Mulberry near the car park area, a Cornus Kousa (Japanese Dogwood) up the steps near the Burma Star memorial and a Cercidiphyllum Japonicum (Katsura) towards the allotment end of the gardens. Also, several Mediterranean pines have gone in as a part of the new plantings behind the Castle.

Cotoneaster Cornubia

Cornus Kousa (Japanese Dogwood)

Cercidiphyllum Japonicum (Katsura)